Kids and Money

What are you teaching your children about money? Parental involvement plays a huge role in the financial education and literacy of young people, and – especially in today’s tough economy – accurate information about money and experience managing money could make a difference in your child’s future financial health.

There’s so much for young people to learn about money, and the best place to start is at home.

  • includes information appropriate for students age 5 to 12, teens age 13 to 18, and college students, as well as lesson plans for teachers.
  • In this section of, you’ll get advice for talking to young people about money, along with activities and games to make learning fun.
  • The FDIC provides some tips for explaining the financial facts of life to your kids here.
  • This short article from the website of the PBS program “That Money Show” gives some advice on teaching children about money.
  • explains why parents should take time to teach their children about money.
  • Children can understand the value of money before they learn to add or subtract, so start teaching them young, says CNN Money.
  • In this article from CBS, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says that drilling basic financial concepts into young people should not only help them now but also help them avoid financial pitfalls later in life that could plague them for years.
  • This article from Ebony Magazine explains how rearing financially responsible children can be tough in a society saturated with the blinding flash of bling-bling jewelry, cell phones, luxury cars and $100-plus basketball shoes.